"Positive Impact" Investments

By BNP Paribas Wealth Management

Invest on what you believe in


Companies that incorporate Environmental (E), Social (S) and Corporate governance (G) issues into their strategy are more likely to deliver sustainable performance. Such is our conviction!

This is why our Positive Impact team places a particular emphasis on the integration of these ESG criteria and assigns a rating of 0 to 5 clovers to enable you to assess, at a glance, the level of impact for each investment solution.


 • A company, which actively promotes the safety and well-being of its employees will thus have less risk of workplace accidents, social disputes and absenteeism that could harm its profitability.

•  A company, which reduces the volum of its packaging will limit the impact of its products on the environment and simultaneously achieve cost savings.


The Positive Impact approach allows you to combine the search for yield and impact. Indeed, even if your primary goal is a financial return, you can still fully support a cause that motivates you.


To provide you with appropriate investment recommendations, we attach particular importance to gaining an in-depth knowledge of your financial, risk and impact'or profile.

With this in mind we have co-created ‘myImpact’ with our clients. It aims to raise awareness around sustainable development, responsible investment and philanthropy among wealth management clients.  By precisely identifying your expectations, we will build a suitable, personalised and responsible offer for you.


Find out how to totally transform the investment approach by integrating different levels of positive impact. 



Until recently it was believed that positive social impact was the preserve of philanthropy and yet responsible investments have been on the market for more than 20 years

There is now a wide range of sound investments available that adhere to a sustainable investment philosophy. Responsible investments are growing although they are still in the minority.

This may be surprising at a time when society is fully embracing its social and environmental responsibility. The explanation is simple: for some, sustainable investments themselves and the principles underpinning them can be seen as inaccessible or difficult to understand. 

At BNP Paribas Wealth Management, we help our clients to align their wealth with their convictions with regards to sustainable development.

To this end, we offer clients a comprehensive approach, ‘Positive Impact’, which comprises:

  • Identifying a client's Impact’or profile via our proprietary myImpact tool
  • 100% personalised advice from our highly qualified experts
  • A rating system built by our teams to explain and evaluate the investments on offer
  • A wide choice of philanthropy and investment solutions to suit everyone

Without compromising on the importance of performance, we offer our clients practical guidance to give meaning to their investments.

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